Assortment of italian ingredients with a pestle & mortar
Fresh, authentic and carefully
considered Italian cuisine.
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Tradition OPEN home - come inside! The Speciality Grill

First we eat, then
we do everything else!

Board with fresh pizza dough and a variety of ingredients
We make pasta the original way. Watch our short film

About Us

‘First we eat, then we do everything else’. No gathering or visit in Italy can take place in the absence of a delectably gratifying meal, creatively crafted from the best ingredients the many local markets have to offer. So, too, it is in our beautiful home, Casa Bella.

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Servers setting tables for service Elegant knife cutting T-Bone with potato side

Casa Bella – Sun City

The service was great and the atmosphere and decor perfect for the environment. We had excellent food that lived up to our expectations and the drinks were great as well. Highly recommended.

- Ptipip


Very friendly and efficient staff. Our meal was served very quickly! Pork belly followed by warm chocolate pudding – magnificent! Definitely worth a visit!

- botsjack

Casa Bella – Monte Casino

At Casa Bella you can expect to find very friendly staff and good service as well. Staff took a bit longer when it got more busier in the evening, but still got great service none the less. The food was also excellent and as soon as you sit down, you get a “dish” with bread and a plate with bowls of garlic, chillies and cheese. This is very enjoyable and we weren’t charged for it. There are a variety of options for starters and main courses, both of which again are excellent. Would definitely recommend stopping by at Casa Bella’s.

- DylanM1854

Casa Bella – The Sanctuary

Our first visit and what a hidden gem. Food is traditional Italian with some modern twist. We had the Chorizo fetucinni and Filleto pizza. Both nicely cooked and generous portions. Add friendly, but profesional service and I think we found our new spot for casual dining.

- LaurraS_ZA


Lovely evening at Casa Bella. Lamb pizza and the prawn steak were amazing. Friendly staff and great atmosphere.

- sachadup