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Fresh, authentic and carefully
considered Italian cuisine.
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First we eat, then
we do everything else!

Board with fresh pizza dough and a variety of ingredients
We make pasta the original way. Watch our short film

About Us

‘First we eat, then we do everything else’. No gathering or visit in Italy can take place in the absence of a delectably gratifying meal, creatively crafted from the best ingredients the many local markets have to offer. So, too, it is in our beautiful home, Casa Bella.

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Servers setting tables for service Elegant knife cutting T-Bone with potato side

Casa Bella – Sun City

Many of the restaurants at Sun Central serve burgers,chips etc so it’s nice to get away from that with tasty Italian food. Good salads too.

- Ali R


They had me at Hello! The staff are friendly, very helpful, being attentive to my every need. The manager is also cool/supportive helping his staff out now and again.

Now on to the important part, the Food! Every single person that I have taken to Casa Bella, has returned. From their starters to their main courses and desserts, all of their food is good. My personal favourites are the fritters that we get on the table on arrival, the steak medium raw of course, the pizza’s, I love all of their pizzas, I have tried each one and the banoffee pie for dessert. I also have a loyalty card which I use frequently because Casa Bella is worth it. Meals are not expensive average price, what adds up is that you will not just order one thing, you will want more. The booths and restaurant as a whole are clean. The waiters are dressed fancy, the look is modern and inviting. I love Casa Bella dearly. Visit them, you will not be disappointed.

- Larce R

Casa Bella – Monte Casino

My partner and I hadn’t been to Monte Casino for a good long while and found Casa Bella where another Italian restaurant used to be. We decided to try it out and, wow, I’m so glad we did. The menu makes everything sound delicious and it’s even better when it arrives. The wine menu is extensive and even makes pairing suggestions. (Don’t tell anyone but I bought a bottle of the house blend to take home). From the salad, to the pizza to the side dishes (try the baked sweet potato) everything was outstanding and complemented by fantastic service. We have now been 3 times and every time has been a great experience.

- Tamlyn D

Casa Bella – The Sanctuary

I don’t normally post reviews but my dinner today at Casa Bella was truly so amazing. Everything from the greeting at the door to the amazing wood fired pizza everything is just so tasty and waiters and managers so friendly. Also had a cheesecake for dessert which was mind blowing. Thank you Casa Bella will be back for sure.

- Monique K


Had a brilliant evening with great food, friends and vibe, magaritas were great! We were celebrating a birthday and the management and staff made it really special for us. Will definitely be back again 🙂

- Shiveer Singh


I enjoyed the atmosphere and the staff were polite and very friendly. The food was amazing! Definitely going back

- Jodi-Anne Hearne